Trilogy at the Vineyards

On Sunday, March 23, Beam put on a full Educational based recital for the “Trilogy at the Vineyard’s” Music Appreciation series, where they bring in artists from all over Northern California to perform specific genres of music. Beam brought listeners through the different “eras” of the String Quartet, as well as educated the members on what makes Chamber Music.

Trilogy Vineyards, March 23

Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, by J.S. Bach
1) Allegro Moderato
2) Allegro
String Quartet No. 19, “Dissonance”, by Mozart
1) Allegro
2) Adante Cantabile
3) Minuet & Trio
4) Molto Allegro
String Quartet No. 13 in A Minor, “Rosamunde”, by Fr. Schubert
1) Allegro ma non troppo
2) Adante
Quartet No. 8, D. Shostakovich
1) Largo
2) Allegro Molto
Thank you to everyone who was there for being a great audience, and for all of the wonderful questions!